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About Mobilotto

Since the company’s founding in 2009, Mobilotto has developed proprietary technology solutions for the lottery and gaming industry. The company’s flagship technology is a mobile location/jurisdictional verification service configurable to hyper-local, state and national boundaries.

As lottery and gaming companies expand their mobile services, these companies and their vendors often rely on location verification services that can be spoofed by the consumer's device resulting in criminal activity.

Mobilotto provides a patented solution for mobile lottery and gaming applications which definitively validates the consumer’s location via third party, non-biased geolocation services. Mobilotto definitively validates whether the player is eligible or ineligible to participate based on the client’s geo-location business rules.

In 2015, Mobilotto was awarded the US and Canadian patent METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENABLING GAMING VIA A MOBILE DEVICE for its services.

Mobilotto is committed to work within the WLA Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework.

The Mobilotto team represents both veteran lottery and mobile experts with over 30 years of technology experience.